Inspection (Tune-Up) includes: 

  • Check thermostat –  for proper operation 
  • Check refrigerant charge – low charge results in a too high electric bill 
  • Inspect refrigerant piping – for damage or leaks 
  • Check the airflow – to ensure the evaporator coil is clean 
  • Inspect condensate drain lines – for proper drainage and leaks 
  • Check all electrical & mechanical components and controls 
  • Check the filter – filter is not included  
  • Check temperature difference between supply and return air:
    • Cooling (normally: 16–20°F)                               
    • Heating (normally: 30-50°F for gas or 25-30°F for Heat Pump)    


 Service work: 

  • Wash evaporator coil or blower wheel – $250 each
  • Replace P-trap & clean drain pipe – $130
  • Charge the system with freon:
    • $50 per lb. ($40.00 when more 3 lbs.) for new refrigerant R-410a
    • $100 per lb. ($80.00 when more 3 lbs.) for old refrigerant R-22


 Repair work: (parts + labor)

  • Replacement of small parts, or simple repair (limit switch, capacitor, contactor, transformer, relay, flame sensor, fixing wiring problem, etc.) – $150
  • Compressor saver kit installation – $170
  • Thermostat replacement – $190;
  • Igniter replacement – $170;
  • fan-limit-switch – $200
  • Gas Valve / Inducer / Condenser Fan – from $350
  • Replacement of condenser fan motor – from $350
  • Replacement of control board – from $400
  • Replacement of blower motor – from $450
  • Freon leak detection with Electronic Leak Detector – $200
  • Freon leak detection with Nitrogen – $300 or Fluorescent Dye – $400
  • Freon Leak repair – $400 (Freon is extra)
  • Travel fee  – $70 per hour (when more than ½ hour one way)


 An estimate is free:

You will know the price before we start, with your approval.

Therefore, you can reject our service before we get started if you don’t like the price. You owe nothing because we did nothing; even if we spent time on the diagnosis.

We presume preapproval if the estimated repair cost less than $300.

When you decide to start, you will pay: Inspection fee ($70) + parts & materials with labor



A Cool Air, Inc. provides 2-year labor and parts warranty.

If we failed to fix the problem, even if we tried hard, you pay nothing.

Repair work is paid when it is done. If you don’t pay, we will take back the installed parts. Nothing paid, – nothing done.

We will not replace your equipment when it’s fixable. If it’s unfixable or non-repairable – We will prove it!